"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860), German philosopher

Parasites and their effect on your body

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The word parasite comes from the Greek “parásītos” meaning “one who eats at another’s table”. Parasites live off the food we consume, leaving us the scraps. If 85% - 90%...

Metal-free dentistry

Metal-free dentistry: Diamond Lite Metal-free dentistry is a distinct reality. Many dentists will argue that it is difficult to achieve or elitist. This is certainly not true. When you have...

Different Types of Sugars

Which Sugars are Toxic? Recommended Maximum Dose: The World Health Organization recommends that we limit our intake of added sugars to no more than 10% of total calories. That comes...

Inflammatory disorders

Abnormalities associated with inflammation comprise a large, unrelated group of disorders which underlie a vast variety of human diseases. W ith many immune system disorders resulting in abnormal inflammation. Non-immune...


Sunscreens prevent sunburns, but beyond that simple fact surprisingly little is known about the safety and efficacy of these ubiquitous creams and sprays. FDA’s failure to finalize its 1978 sunscreen...

Cell vs Bacteria

Cell vs BacteriaFollow link to watch video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kIZ7PTRgVQ&NR=1


Inflammation orchestrates the microenvironment around tumours, contributing to proliferation, survival and migration. Cancer cells use selectins , chemokines and their receptors for invasion, migration and metastasis. On the other hand,...

The dangers of Antibacterial Soaps

Harmful Handwashing: The Dangers of Antibacterial Soaps Written by Beth Corcoran, Contributing Writer Soaps containing antibacterial chemicals got their start in hospitals and clinics.  Those are both places where a...

Risk factors

The following factors increase an individual's risk for high blood pressure: Being overweight Not getting enough exercise Having a family history of hypertension Being African-American Abusing alcohol or smoking High...

Hydrogen Peroxide

Excerpt from "101 Home Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide" by Rebecca Mundt Before we go diving off into the deep end of the pool... Just wanted to share a few thoughts...

Types of inflammation

Comparison between acute and chronic inflammation:   Acute Chronic Causative agent Pathogens, injured tissues Persistent acute inflammation due to non-degradable pathogens, persistent foreign bodies, or autoimmune reactions Major cells...

Complementary & alternative therapies

Whether or not your doctor prescribes medication to lower your blood pressure, you will need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. Do not stop taking your medication without...

Quercetin, Skin Issues & Stress

Quercetin has been found to powerfully stabilize mast cells , helping to prevent stress-induced anxiety and allergic reactions. Stress itself is adequate to begin the migration of immune cells towards...


Certain drugs or exogenic chemical compounds are known to affect inflammation. Vitamin A deficiency causes an increase in inflammatory responses, and anti-inflammatory drugs work specifically by inhibiting normal inflammatory components....

Leukocyte numbers

Inflammation often affects the numbers of leukocytes present in the body: Leukocytosis is often seen during inflammation induced by infection . Bacterial infection usually results in an increase of neutrophils...


Various remedies

Which form of healing do you use most often?

Natural Healers' Association

Energy Medicine falls under the Natural Healers Association.

Established in February 1999, the Natural Healers Association, was founded by Dr H. Zungu, Katharine Lee Kruger and Chris Rall in Johannesburg . This national organization was registered as a Non Profit Organization on 22 May 2003 by the Department of Social Development. 

NHA aims to widen the window of opportunity to influence the development of healing legislation in South Africa to recognize the spiritual elements of International Traditional, Indigenous, Spiritual, Energy and Natural Healing Methods. By obtaining Government Recognition members will be able to provide a more cost effective and efficient healthcare service for all South Africans and others.

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Ozone, created in nature by the effect of lightening on oxygen, can have fantastic health benefits.Ozone should be regarded as one of the simplest holistic sterilisation and disinfectant systems we have. It is a natural product that, surrounding the Earth, makes our lives possible!

What is Ozone?

Ozone is formed naturally in our atmosphere by the effect of lightning on oxygen. Ozone forms a layer which not only filters out harmful ultraviolet radiation, but also neutralizes pollutants and toxic waste, cleansing our atmosphere of contaminants.

Ozone is also produced by industrial emissions and is then known as smog. Smog is actually created by chemical pollutants reacting as the ozone tries to oxidise them. The problem is the pollutants, not the ozone.

The cleansing characteristics of ozone can be used in humans in the form of “medical ozone”, which is generated by exposing oxygen to an electric field. Medical ozone is a powerful therapeutic tool, which can aid the body in regaining health. This “tool” is generally known as Ozone Therapy.

How does Ozone Therapy work?

Ozone targets diseased cells, leaving healthy cells untouched!

Oxygen is vital to good health. Cells, with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, produce a special enzyme coating around themselves which protects them against the invasion by fungi, bacteria, parasites and other undesirable micro-organisms. Oxygen starved cells are unable to produce enough enzymes to fortify their cell walls, making them weaker and more vulnerable.

When Ozone is introduced into the body, it is broken down into free radical agents called peroxides. These have the beneficial effect that they are attracted to weakened or diseased cells and react with lipids in the cell membrane. The enzymes in a healthy, intact cell wall prevent penetration by these peroxides. Therefore the peroxides in Ozone only “attack” cells which contain parasites, viruses and similar, or cells that are weakened by cancer or toxins.

Ozone, properly introduced into the body in repeated applications, invades diseased cells through their damaged cell wall, exposing and destroying the disease. Ozone has no effect on healthy cells, except the rejuvenating effect of super-oxygenating their environment and enhancing circulation.

Mr. Oxygen(R), Ed McCabe (C) explains "Disease Can't Live in Oxygen"

What can Ozone do?

  • Ozone removes unwanted bacteria and viruses from the blood
  • Ozone enhances blood circulation by reducing or eliminating clotting, and restores flexibility therefore increasing oxygen carrying capacities. Ozone oxidises plaque in arteries, promptly restoring circulation
  • With Ozone, cancerous Tumours and Leukaemia may be eliminated without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy
  • Ozone is very effective against allergies of all types
  • Ozone stimulates the immune system
  • Ozone oxidises toxins, allowing their excretion
  • Ozone reduces inflammation and pain, and calms the nerves
  • The potency of any medicine taken concurrently with Ozone Therapy is greatly increased
  • Ozone normalises hormone and enzyme production
  • Ozone is a booster for the metabolism and can also help with weight loss.

 Dr. Robert Rowen, MD Describes Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

The benefits of Ozone Therapy are endless. It is not a “wonder therapy” but Ozone Therapy is a great add-on to any healthy lifestyle.

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