"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860), German philosopher

Hypertension introduction

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a serious condition. Blood pressure is the force of blood as it pumps through your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the...

How you view sadness predicts depression relapse

It is very common that a person recovering from depression or coming off anti-depressants will experience some feelings of sadness. A new study sheds some light on whether or not...

Causes of inflammation

Burns Chemical irritants Frostbite Toxins Infection by pathogens Physical injury , blunt or penetrating Immune reactions due to hypersensitivity Ionizing radiation Foreign bodies, including splinters, dirt and debris *Full...

White blood cell chases bacteria

White Blood Cell Chases Bacteriahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnlULOjUhSQ&feature=related

Outcomes to inflammation

Scars present on the skin, evidence of fibrosis and healing of a wound The outcome in a particular circumstance will be determined by the tissue in which the injury has...


Atherosclerosis, formerly considered a bland lipid storage disease, actually involves an ongoing inflammatory response. Recent advances in basic science have established a fundamental role for inflammation in mediating all stages...

Morphologic patterns

Specific patterns of acute and chronic inflammation are seen during particular situations that arise in the body, such as when inflammation occurs on an epithelial surface, or pyogenic bacteria are...

Parasites and their effect on your body

News image

The word parasite comes from the Greek “parásītos” meaning “one who eats at another’s table”. Parasites live off the food we consume, leaving us the scraps. If 85% - 90%...

Is your sunblock toxic?

Four Sunscreen "Red Flags"EWG's "Hall of Shame" features sunscreen products that embody the worst of the worst when it comes to sun protection. You can spot these products by being...

The two-year loss-to-symptom syndrome

The two-year loss-to-symptom syndromeHow does all this information relate to chronic illness?  A combination of all these processes   - 20-second dips, unconscious decisions, the RAS (Reticular Activating System) – creates...


AntidepressantsWhen it comes to the use of antidepressant medication, Dr. Oz is still in somewhat of an allopathic mode—the idea that for nearly every disease or symptom there is a...

Hydrogen Peroxide

Excerpt from "101 Home Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide" by Rebecca Mundt Before we go diving off into the deep end of the pool... Just wanted to share a few thoughts...

Mind & body therapy

Homeopathy Few studies have examined the effectiveness of specific homeopathic remedies. A professional homeopath, however, may recommend one or more of the following treatments for hypertension based on their knowledge...

Safe Shopping Guide

Many of our food, cosmetic & cleaning products available today contain harmful synthetic ingredients. With thanks to www.faithful-to-nature.co.za AVOID THE FOLLOWING: Know what your are absorbing into your body by...

Signs & symptoms

High blood pressure usually have no symptoms. Occasionally, some people may have a mild headache when their blood pressure is high. Advanced cases of hypertension may produce the following symptoms:...


Various remedies

Which form of healing do you use most often?

Natural Healers' Association

Energy Medicine falls under the Natural Healers Association.

Established in February 1999, the Natural Healers Association, was founded by Dr H. Zungu, Katharine Lee Kruger and Chris Rall in Johannesburg . This national organization was registered as a Non Profit Organization on 22 May 2003 by the Department of Social Development. 

NHA aims to widen the window of opportunity to influence the development of healing legislation in South Africa to recognize the spiritual elements of International Traditional, Indigenous, Spiritual, Energy and Natural Healing Methods. By obtaining Government Recognition members will be able to provide a more cost effective and efficient healthcare service for all South Africans and others.

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Several medications are available to treat hypertension.

Some of the most commonly prescribed medications include:


Diuretics help the kidneys get rid of sodium and water from the body. This decreases the volume of blood in the body and lowers blood pressure.

There are three types of diuretics: thiazide , loop, and potassium-sparing.

Other medications

Other medications used to treat hypertension include:

1. Beta blockers -- slow down the heart rate and reduce stress hormones in the body .


  • Atenolol ( Tenormin )
  • Bisoprolol ( Zebeta )
  • Metoprolol ( Lopressor , Toprol XL)
  • Nadolol ( Corgard )
  • Timolol ( Blocadren )
  • Nebivolol ( Bystolic )

2. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors -- block the chemical angiotensin from forming in the body, helping prevent blood vessels from narrowing.

ACE inhibitors include:

  • Captopril ( Capoten )
  • Benazepril ( Lotensin )
  • Enalapril ( Vasotec )
  • Lisinopril ( Prinivil , Zestril )
  • Fosinopril ( Monopril )
  • Ramipril ( Altace )
  • Perindopril ( Aceon )
  • Quinapril ( Accupril )
  • Moexipril ( Univasc )
  • Trandolapril ( Mavik )

3. Calcium-channel blockers -- relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure by blocking calcium from entering heart cells and arteries.


  • Amlodipine ( Norvasc )
  • Bepridil ( Vascor )
  • Diltiazem ( Cardizem )
  • Felodipine ( Plendil )
  • Nifedipine ( Adalat , Procardia )
  • Nicardipine ( Cardene )
  • Verapamil ( Calan , Isoptin )

4. Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) -- block the effects of the chemical angiotensin in the body, lowering blood pressure.

These drugs include:

  • Candesartan ( Atacand )
  • Eprosartan ( Tevetan )
  • Irbesartan ( Avapro )
  • Losartan ( Cozaar )
  • Telmisartan ( Mycardis )
  • Valsartan ( Diovan )
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