"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860), German philosopher


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Bruce Lipton Ph.D.
Uncovering the Biology of Belief
The Wisdom of Your Cells
The Wisdom of Your Cells is a new biology that will profoundly change civilization and the world we live in. This new biology takes us from the belief that we are victims of our genes, that we are biochemical machines, that life is out of our control, into another reality, a reality where our thoughts, beliefs and mind control our genes, our behavior and the life we experience. This biology is based on current, modern science with some new perceptions added.
The new science takes us from victim to creator; we are very powerful in creating and unfolding the lives that we lead. This is actually knowledge of self and if we understand the old axiom, "Knowledge is power," then what we are really beginning to understand is the knowledge of self-power. This is what I think we will get from understanding the new biology.

Flying Into Inner Space
My first introduction to biology was in second grade. The teacher brought in a microscope to show us cells and I remember how exciting it was. At the university I graduated from conventional microscopes into electron microscopy and had a further opportunity to look into the lives of cells. The lessons I learned profoundly changed my life and gave me insights about the world we live in that I would like to share with you.
Using electron microscopy, not only did I see the cells from the outside but I was able to go through the cell's anatomy and understand the nature of its organization, its structures and its functions. As much as people talk about flying into outer space, I was flying into inner space and seeing new vistas, starting to have greater appreciation of the nature of life, the nature of cells and our involvement with our own cells.
At this time I also started training in cell culturing. In about 1968 I started cloning stem cells, doing my first cloning experiments under the guidance of Dr. Irv Konigsberg, a brilliant scientist who created the first stem cell cultures. The stem cells I was working with were called myoblasts. Myo means muscle; blast means progenitor. When I put my cells in the culture dishes with the conditions that support muscle growth, the muscle cells evolved and I would end up with giant contractile muscles. However, if I changed the environmental situation, the fate of the cells would be altered. I would start off with my same muscle precursors but in an altered environment they would actually start to form bone cells. If I further altered the conditions, those cells became adipose or fat cells. The results of these experiments were very exciting because while every one of the cells was genetically identical, the fate of the cells was controlled by the environment in which I placed them.
While I was doing these experiments I also started teaching students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine the conventional understanding that genes controlled the fate of cells. Yet in my experiments it was clearly revealed that the fate of cells was more or less controlled by the environment. My colleagues, of course, were upset with my work. Everyone was then on the bandwagon for the human genome project and in support of the "genes-control-life" story. When my work revealed how the environment would alter the cells, they talked about it as an exception to the rule.

You Are a Community of 50 Trillion Living Cells
Now I have a completely new understanding of life and that has led to a new way to teach people about cells. When you look at yourself you see an individual person. But if you understand the nature of who you are, you realize that you are actually a community of about 50 trillion living cells. Each cell is a living individual, a sentient being that has its own life and functions but interacts with other cells in the nature of a community. If I could reduce you to the size of a cell and drop you inside your own body, you would see a very busy metropolis of trillions of individuals living within one skin. This becomes relevant when we understand that health is when there is harmony in the community and dis-ease is when there is a disharmony that tends to fracture the community relationships. So, number one, we are a community.
Fact number two: There is not one function in the human body that is not already present in every single cell. For example, you have various systems: digestive, respiratory, excretory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive, a nervous system and an immune system but every one of those functions exists in every one of your cells. In fact we are made in the image of a cell. This is very helpful for biologists because we can do research on cells and then apply that information to understanding the nature of the human body.


The Wisdom of Your Cells
I was teaching what is called the medical model, the perception that human biology represents a biological machine comprised of biochemicals and controlled by genes. Therefore when a patient comes in to see a doctor, the belief system is that the patient has something wrong with their biochemistry or genes, which can be adjusted and can lead them to health. At some point I realized that I had to leave the university because I found great conflict in teaching the students about what controls the cell and yet getting a completely different understanding from the cells in my cultures.


A New Understanding of Science
When I was outside the university I had a chance to read into physics. Again I found information that did not conform to the science I had been teaching. In the world of new physics, quantum physics, the mechanisms that are described completely collide with the mechanisms we were teaching, which were based on the old Newtonian physics. The new physics currently is still not introduced in medical schools. Before conventional science, science was the province of the church. It was called natural theology and was infused with the spiritual domain, teaching that God's hand was directly involved in the unfoldment and maintenance of the world, that God's image was expressed through the nature we live in. Natural theology had a mission statement: to understand the nature of the environment so we could learn to live in harmony with it. Basically this meant learning how to live in harmony with God, considering that nature and God were so well connected.
However, through the abuses of the church, their insistence on absolute knowledge and their efforts of suppressing new knowledge, there was what is called the Reformation. The Reformation, precipitated by Martin Luther, was a challenge to the church's authority. After the Reformation, when there was an opportunity to question beliefs about the universe, science became what was called modern science. Isaac Newton, the physicist whose primary studies were on the nature of gravity and the movement of the planets, provided the foundation for modern science. He invented a new mathematics called differential calculus in order to create an equation to predict the movements of the solar system. Science identified truths as things that were predictable. Newtonian physics perceives the universe as a machine made out of matter; it says that if you can understand the nature of the matter that comprises the machine, then you will understand nature itself. Therefore the mission of science was to control and dominate nature, which was completely different than the former mission of science under natural theology, which was to live in harmony with nature.
The issue of control in regard to biology becomes a very important point. What is it that controls the traits that we express? According to Newtonian physics life forms represent machines made out of matter and if you want to understand those machines you take them apart, a process called reductionism. You study the individual pieces and see how they work and when you put all the pieces together again, you have an understanding of the whole. Charles Darwin said that the traits an individual expresses are connected to the parents. The sperm and egg that come together and result in the formation of a new individual must be carrying something that controls the traits in the offspring. Studies of dividing cells began in the early 1900s and they saw string-like structures that were present in cells that were beginning to divide. These string-like structures were called chromosomes.
Interestingly enough, while chromosomes were identified around 1900, it was only in 1944 that we actually identified which of their components carried the genetic traits. The world got very excited. They said, oh, my goodness, after all these years we finally have gotten down to identifying the genetically controlling material; it appears to be the DNA. In 1953 the work of James Watson and Francis Crick revealed that each strand of DNA contained a sequence of genes. The genes are the blueprints for each of the over 100,000 different kinds of proteins that are the building blocks for making a human body. A headline announcing Watson and Crick's discovery appeared in a New York paper: "Secret of Life Discovered" and from that point on biology has been wrapped up in the genes. Scientists saw that by understanding the genetic code we could change the characters of organisms and therefore there was a big, headlong rush into the human genome project to try to understand the nature of the genes.
At first they thought these genes only controlled the physical form, but the more they started to manipulate genes, they saw that there were also influences on behavior and emotion. Suddenly, the genes took on more profound meaning because all the characters and traits of a human were apparently controlled by these genes.

Are We Victims of Heredity?
Yet there was one last question: what is it that controls the DNA? That would be going up the last rung of the ladder to find out what is ultimately in control. They did an experiment and it revealed that DNA was responsible for copying itself! DNA controls the protein and the protein represents our bodies. Basically it says that life is controlled by DNA. That is the Central Dogma. It supports a concept called "the primacy of DNA" that says who and what we are and the fate of the lives we lead are already preprogrammed in the DNA that we received at conception. What is the consequence of this? That the character and fate of your life reflects the heredity you were born into; you are actually a victim of heredity.
For example, scientists looked at a group of people, scored them on the basis of happiness and tried to find out whether there was a gene that was associated with happy people that was not active in unhappy people. Sure enough, they found a particular gene that seems to be more active in happy people. Then they immediately put out a big media blip on "gene for happiness discovered."  You could say, "Well, wait a minute. If I got a sucky happy gene, then my whole life is going to be predetermined. I'm a victim of my heredity." This is exactly what we teach in school and this is what I had also been teaching-that people are powerless over their own lives because they can't change their genes. But when people recognize the nature of being powerless, they also start to become irresponsible. "Well, look, Boss, you're calling me lazy but I just want you to know my father was lazy. What can you expect from me? I mean, my genes made me lazy. I can't do anything about it." Recently in Newsweek they wrote about how fat cells are waging war on our health. It's interesting because in an epidemic of obesity science stands back and says: it's your fat cells that are waging war in your life.

The Human Genome Project
To come and save us, the human genome project entered our world. The idea of the project was to identify all the genes that make up a human. It would offer the future opportunity of genetic engineering to correct the ills and problems that face humans in this world. I thought the project was a humanitarian effort but it was interesting later to find out from Paul Silverman, one of the principal architects of the human genome project, what it was actually about. It was simply this: It was estimated that there were going to be over 100,000 genes in the human genome because there are over 100,000 different proteins in our bodies; plus there were also genes that didn't make proteins but controlled the other genes. The project was actually designed by venture capitalists; they figured that since there were over 100,000 genes, by identifying these genes and then patenting the gene sequences, they could sell the gene patents to the drug industry and the drug industry would use the genes in creating health products. In fact, the program was not actually for advancing the human state as much as it was for making a lot of money.

The Wisdom of Your Cells
Here is the fun part. Scientists knew that as you go up the evolutionary scale, simple organisms have less DNA and when you get to the level of humans, with the complexity of our physiology and our behavior, we have a lot more DNA. They thought that primitive organisms would have maybe a few thousand genes but humans were going to have approximately 150,000 genes, which meant 150,000 new drugs. The project began in 1987 and just showed again that when humans really put their heads together they can create miracles. In only about fourteen years we actually had the results of the human genome. It also was what I call a cosmic joke.
To begin the human genome project they first studied a primitive organism, a miniature worm that is barely visible with your eye. These worms had been an experimental animal for geneticists because they reproduce very quickly and in very large numbers and thereby express traits that you can study. They found that this small animal had a genome of about 24,000 genes. Then they decided to do one more genetic model before doing the human and that was with the fruit fly because of the large amount of information already available on the genetics and behavior of fruit flies. The fruit fly genome turned out to have only about 18,000 genes. The primitive worm had 24,000 genes and this flying machine had only 18,000 genes! They didn't understand what that meant but put it on the back burner and started the work on the human genome project.
The results came in 2001 and were a major shock: in the human genome there are only about 25,000 genes; they expected nearly 150,000 genes and there were only about 25,000! It was such a shock that people actually didn't talk about it. While there was a lot of hoopla about completing the human genome project, no one talked about the 100,000 missing genes. There was complete lack of discussion in the scientific journals about it. When they realized there were not enough genes to account for human complexity, it shook the foundation of biology
Why is it so important?  If a science is based on the way life really works, that science would be good for use in medical practice. But if you base your science on wrong information, then that science could be detrimental to medical practice. It is now a recognized fact that conventional allopathic medicine, the primary medicine we use in Western civilization, is a leading cause of death in the United States. It is also responsible for one out of five deaths in Australia. In the Journal of the American Medical Association Dr. Barbara Starfield wrote an article revealing that from conservative estimates, the practice of medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States. However, there is a more recent study by Gary Null (see Death by Medicine at: www.garynull.com). He found that rather than being the third leading cause of death, it is the first leading cause with over three-quarters of a million people dying from medical treatment each year. If medicine actually knew what it was doing, it wouldn't be that lethal.
I left the university in 1980, seven years before the human genome project was started because I already was aware that genes didn't control life. I was aware that the environment was influential but my colleagues looked at me as not just being a radical but a heretic because I was conflicting with the dogma; therefore this became a religious argument. At some point the religiosity of where I was led me to resign my position. That's when I started to advance into understanding about brain function and neuroscience. What I was really trying to find out is if it's not the DNA that controls cells, then where is the "brain" of the cell?

The Computer Within
The new biology revealed that the brain of the cell is its skin, the mem-brane, the interface of the interior of the cell and the ever-changing world we live in. It is the functional element that controls life. This is important because understanding its function reveals that we are not victims of our genes. Through the action of the cell membrane we can actually control our genes, our biology and our life and we have been doing it all along although we have been laboring under the belief that we are victims.

The Wisdom of Your Cells
I started to realize that the cell was a chip and that the nucleus was a hard disk with programs. The genes were programs. As I was typing this on my computer one day I realized that my computer was like a cell. It had programs built into it but what was expressed by the computer was not determined by the programs. It was determined by the information that I, as the environment, was typing onto the keyboard.  Suddenly all the pieces fell into place: the cell membrane is actually an information-processing computer chip. The cell's genes are the hard drive with all the potentials. That is why every cell in your body can form any kind of cell because every nucleus has all the genes that make up a human. But why should one cell be skin and another cell be bone or eye?
The answer is not because of the gene programs but because of the feedback of information from the environment. All of a sudden the bigger thing hit me: what makes us different from each other is the presence of a set of unique identifying protein keys (receptors) comprising the keyboard on the surface of our cells. The identity keys on the cell membrane respond to environmental information. The biggest "Aha!" was this: that our identity is actually an environmental signal that is playing through the keyboard on the surface of our cells and engaging our genetic programs; you are not inside your cell, you are playing through your cell using the keyboard as an interface. You are an identity derived from the environment.
In my younger days, I didn't see that religion was offering me truth. I went away from spirit and ended up in science. Realizing that my identity was something from the environment playing through my cells was the greatest shock to my world because I was completely thrown from a non-spiritual reality into the requirement of a spiritual existence. My cells were like little television sets with antennas and I was the broadcast that controlled the readout of the genes. I was actually programming my cells.
 I realized that if the cell died, it did not necessarily mean the loss of the broadcast-that the broadcast is out there whether the cell is here or not. All of a sudden it hit me with such profound awe. What I realized was that survival was not that important because of my eternal character was derived from some broadcast in the field. The fear of mortality disappeared. That was about twenty-five years ago and it was one of the most wonderful, liberating experiences I ever had.

Perception: The Power of the New Biology
We perceive the environment and adjust our biology, but not all of our perceptions are accurate. If we are laboring under misperceptions, then those misperceptions provide for a mis-adjustment of our biology. When our perceptions are inaccurate we can actually destroy our biology. When we understand that genes are just respondents to the environment from the perceptions handled by the cell membrane, then we can realize that if life isn't going well, what we have to do is not change our genes but change our perceptions. That is much easier to do than physically altering the body. In fact, this is the power of the new biology: we can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.
We are holding "truths" about science that are actually untruth, they are actually "assumptions," and false assumptions at that. Until we correct them, we are misunderstanding our relationship to the planet, to nature and the environment. As a result we are destroying that which has provided us life, the environment.
False assumption number one is that the universe is made of matter and its understanding can be attained by studying matter Our perception of a material-only biology and environment is no longer scientifically accurate. Another assumption is that genes control life. It is actually our perceptions that control life and by changing our perceptions we can get control over our lives. I will discuss more about this later. Assumption number three is a very dangerous assumption: that we arrived at this point in our evolution using the mechanisms of Darwinian theory, which may be summed up as "the survival of the fittest in the struggle for existence." It turns out in the new biology that evolution is based on cooperation. Until we understand that, we keep competing with each other, struggling and destroying the planet without recognizing that our survival is in cooperation and that our continued competition is the death knell of human civilization.

The Future of Medicine
Everything in the universe is now understood to be made out of energy; to our perception it appears physical and solid, yet in reality it is all energy and energies interact. When you interact in your environment you are both absorbing and sending energy at the same time. You are probably more familiar with terms such as "good vibes" and "bad vibes." Those are the waves at which we are all vibrating. We are all energy. The energy in your body is reflecting the energy around you because the atoms in your body are not only giving off energy, they are absorbing energy. Every living organism communicates with these vibrations. Animals communicate with plants; they communicate with other animals. Shamans talk to plants with vibrations. If you are sensitive to the differences between "good" and "bad" vibrations, you would always be leading yourself to places that would encourage your survival, your growth, your love, et cetera, and staying away from situations and places that would take advantage of you or cancel who you are.

The Wisdom of Your Cells
When we are not paying attention to our vibrational energies, we are missing the most important readouts from our environment. Understanding of the new physics says that all energies are entangled and interact with each other. Therefore, you must pay attention to these invisible forces that are involved with what's going on in your life. While medicine does not train its doctors to recognize that energy is part of the system, they very easily adapted to using the new scan systems to determine what is going on inside the body. It is humorous that they read their scans as "maps," but do not have the fundamental understanding that their maps are direct readouts of the energy present in the body.
For example, in a mammogram revealing a cancer, one is you are visualizing a characteristic emission of energy distinctive of a cancer. Rather than cutting out the cancer, what if you applied an energy that, through interference patterns, would change the energy of those cancer cells and bring them back to a normal energy? Presumably you would get a healing effect. This would make sense out of thousands of years of what is called "hands-on healing." The recipient is getting an energy that is interacting with their body through interference and through that interference, changing the character of the energy reflected in the physical matter because the matter is the energy. This is the future of medicine although we are not there with it right now.
Quantum physicists reveal that underneath apparent physical structure there is nothing more than energy, that we are energy beings. That means that we interact with everything in the field. This has an important impact on health care. Quantum physics reveals that energies are always entangled with each other. In an energy universe, waves are always flowing through and interacting with all other waves. We can never separate someone fully from the environment they live in. Quantum physics says the invisible energy is one hundred times more efficient in conveying information than are material signals (e.g., drugs). What we are beginning to recognize is that there is an invisible world that we have not dealt with in regard to understanding the nature of our health.
In other words, rather than focusing on matter, in a quantum world we focus on energy. In the mechanical world we said we can understand everything by reductionism. But in the newer quantum understanding of the universe we have to understand holism: you cannot separate one energy vibration from another energy vibration. We have to recognize that in the world we live in we are entangled in an unfathomable number of energy vibrations and we are connected to all of them!
Here is my definition of the environment: it is everything from the core of your being to the edge of the universe. It includes everything in close proximity to you as well as the planets and the sun and what is going on in the entire solar system. We are part of this entire field. To summarize the significance of this let me give you a quote from Albert Einstein: "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." What he says is this: the field, the invisible energy, is the sole governing agency of the physical reality

The Wisdom of Your Cells
© 2007 by Bruce Lipton. This article is Part One of a three-part presentation derived from The Wisdom of Your Cells, How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology, published by Sounds True as an Audio Listening Course on eight CDs, www.soundstrue.com. Watch for Part Two and Three of Dr. Lipton's presentation in the Summer and Autumn 2007 issues of Light of Consciousness.

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
Conventional physics sees the human body as a machine made of atoms and molecules but the quantum physicists reveal that underneath that apparent physical structure there is nothing other than energy. That means we are energy beings interacting with everything in the entire energy field. What we are beginning to recognize is that there is an invisible world that we have not dealt with in regard to understanding the nature of our health. In other words, rather than focusing on matter, in a quantum world we focus on energy. In the world we live in we are entangled in an unfathomable number of energy vibrations and we are connected to all of them! In trying to understand a person's health, if you only focus on the physical, you miss the energy. If you only focus on the person, you miss the influence of the field. We are coming into a more holistic way of studying the fact that everything is one whole.
In quantum physics we also encounter a world of uncertainty. We have to let go of our Newtonian belief that we can determine everything, control everything and dominate nature, and come back to the natural theology approach that said to learn the patterns as best we can and live in harmony. By doing so we would be far better off today than in the world we have created, where our deterministic pursuit has changed the environment, changed ourselves and actually threatens our own demise. There is a comeuppance here and it comes down to understanding the nature of the field, meaning everything from the core of our being to the edge of the universe. We are part of this entire field.
Our thoughts are part of the energy field as is the energy from other living organisms and from non-living things. Everything is giving off energy. As we are doing neurological processing of the world that we live in, including our thoughts and beliefs, we are actually creating a magnetic vibration, like a tuning fork that emanates from our head out into the field. Scientists have found that if they take our magnetic field and direct it back into the head they can influence brain activity.
Why this becomes relevant in our lives and in quantum mechanics is that we go back to the quote by Einstein: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” If we apply this understanding of Einstein’s to the field that we generate with our thoughts, we can see that there is a connection wherein our thoughts can give shape to the particles that are the world we live in. All of a sudden we see that we are not disconnected little pieces moving around on the planet. We are little broadcast devices, giving the field shape and the shape that we generate manifests as the life experiences that we have.
It has been well known for a long time that in “crowd effects” or “mass event effects” where you get enough people together with their thoughts coherent, major events can occur on the planet. We are very much involved with shaping the world we are in. While mass events shape mass reality, we also participate in shaping our local reality and experiences through our own thoughts. This becomes important because if thoughts are giving rise to the material world, which according to physics they would be doing, then we have to start thinking about what kind of thoughts we are generating. Physicists have now come to owning that we all collectively create the world we live in through our observations: the world that we observe is the world that we create. This is very hard for most people to accept. 

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
In fact, when quantum physics was first becoming accepted as the mechanisms by which the universe operates, the physicists had trouble with this themselves. They could say, “Well, I can see these ideas working at the level of atoms and molecules but I can’t bring that kind of weirdness into my life.” So there was an arbitrary decision back in the 1920s to say, “Let’s restrict quantum mechanics to the world of atoms and molecules and use Newtonian physics to describe the rest of the world.” That is why biology went on its merry way using Newtonian physics. Yet we are today beginning to see work by very reputable scientists that says the universe is created by our observations; we create the field and the field shapes the particle. The big lesson is that what you think or ask for, as the Asians would say, is what you are going to get. It is not a coincidence; we are actively involved in physically shaping the world that we experience.

How It Works: the Biology
To understand how it works, we are going to talk about the biology. We start with the fact that we are made of cells and cells are living organisms made from protein building blocks. There are over 100,000 different kinds of proteins, which are molecules with very complex shapes almost like gears that engage with each other. Some of these coupled-protein gears create respiration, some provide for digestion, others for muscle contraction, et cetera. All the functions of the cells are due to protein gears. The blueprints for the gears are the genes. When I need to make gears for myself I have to go get the blueprint from the DNA, copy the blueprint, which is called RNA, and then use that RNA to build the proteins.
The assemblies of protein gears in biology are called pathways, such as a digestive pathway or a respiratory pathway. I can look at all the physiologic characters of the human body and identify them as gears that are engaging with each other and through that interaction providing the movements that are the character of life. At this point we should have a big drum roll because I am going to try to tell you the secret of life. The secret of life is movement. Without movement there is no life; animation is a character that distinguishes living things from non-living things. So the issue is, what is this movement and how does it come about?
All proteins are like strings of pop-it beads; the beads are amino acids. There are twenty different kinds of amino acids, and each of these amino acid “beads” has a unique shape. Changing the sequence of amino acids in the chain, changes the final shape of the protein Here’s the secret: the sequence of amino acids are like built-in knitting instructions that tell the string how to fold up to form a specific structure. It’s like self-knitting yarn. When amino acids are assembled into a chain you get a piece of protein “yarn” and then this piece of yarn will automatically knit itself into a specific structure based on the sequence of amino acids. We have 100,000 different proteins and each protein has a unique length and a unique sequence of amino acids that will determine how to knit that piece of yarn into a shape.

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
The body of a person who just died has all the physical characters and attributes of a live person, but it is not moving. Therefore the secret of life is not the proteins alone. The proteins provide for the structure but what causes the structure to move? Along the length of the protein chain, many of the linked amino acids have positive or negative charges where other kinds of chemical signals can bind. The final shape of the protein will provide uniquely shaped binding sites that complement specific environmental signals (such as hormones, drugs and other biochemical factors). When a protein binds its complementary signal, it changes the balance of the positive and negative charges along the protein “yarn.” This causes the protein string to “adjust” its shape. In the process of changing shape, the protein moves. The movement is then used to do “cellular” work. Functions such as digestion and respiration are a result of proteins changing shape.
Life is a result of proteins being engaged by signals in a lock and key fashion. Newtonian-based conventional biology considers that all the signals that control biology must be chemical. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry was created to make new, life-controlling signals called drugs. Conventional medicine believes that if your biology is not working appropriately, your gears are not engaging correctly. Therefore, if we change the signals in your system we can change the regulation and functioning of the protein gears and take you from a diseased state into a state of health by changing your chemistry. But quantum mechanics questions whether the “signal” has to be a physical chemical. In fact, invisible energy signals are a hundred times more efficient in signaling proteins than are actual chemical signals. To summarize, proteins provide the function-creating gears; protein movement, driven by the binding of signals, provides for life; and the signals can be of two kinds: chemical signals or the more efficient energy signals.
The energy signals are the medium that unites most complementary medicine modalities. Asian medicine, for example, with its meridians and acupuncture points, is based on dealing with energy fields. Western medicine tries to manipulate the body’s physical components while Eastern medicine tries to change the body’s energy fields. It is important to note that quantum physics, which describes the mechanics of the universe, emphasizes that energy signals are a hundred times more efficient than drugs.

What Can Go Wrong?
If you are expressing a dysfunction or a disease, to what can you attribute it? It is probably due either to the proteins not having the right structure, or the presence of inappropriate signals. How can the protein structure be off? Defective genes alter a protein’s amino acid sequence, causing proteins to be assembled incorrectly and as a result not function appropriately, thus leading to disease. But here’s the catch. Only a very small percentage of people actually have genetic defects that can cause a disease, far less than five percent of the population. That means ninety-five percent of us arrived on this planet with genes that were capable of providing us with a healthy existence. For ninety-five percent of the population, if they are failing in health it is not something wrong with the genes and the proteins, it is something wrong with the body’s signals. Inappropriate signals are the source of most human illnesses and dysfunctions.

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
What could cause the signals to be off? The first cause is trauma, damage from an accident that interferes with the conduction of signals from the brain. The second is from toxins, chemicals that shouldn’t be in the body but when present interfere with the body’s signaling chemistry. And the third, most important and predominant source of incorrect signaling is the mind. If the mind sends the wrong information at inappropriate times, our systems become imbalanced, leading to dysfunctions and diseases. Therefore rather than focusing on the genes and the body’s chemistry, which is the myopic focus of conventional allopathic medicine, the new physics and the new biology reveal that we should be focusing on both the physical signals and the energetic signals, which include thought.
The surface of our cells may have over a hundred thousand protein receptors waiting for their complementary signals to show up. The cell reads both the physical and non-physical elements of the environment through these proteins. Signals generally provoke a response that causes the cell to maintain its survival. “Food is out there; take it in. Toxins are out there; escape and avoid them.” The skin of the cell and the skin of the human body carry out the exact same functions. They’re “read and respond to” signals.

The Role of Perception
On the surface of the cell at any one time there are over a hundred thousand different switches prepared to respond to a massive variety of environmental signals. While we can describe the nature of one signal engaging one response, we have to incorporate the complexity of wholeness when thousands of signals are acted upon at the same time. If we really want to know what the cell is doing we can’t look at any one switch; we have to identify what a hundred thousand switches are doing. The numbers of interactions go beyond our ability to grasp with our minds and would be a very difficult project even for computer engineering.
These protein switches control the functions of our lives through awareness of the environment. That is precisely the definition for the word perception: an awareness of the elements of the environment through a physical sensation. These membrane switches are fundamental units of perception; they read an environmental perception and adjust the biology to the need required. This becomes very personal because it is the way we perceive the world that controls our behavior. Perception controls behavior

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
If our perceptions are accurate then the opportunity of survival is very great. But if we are programmed with misperceptions and read the environment inaccurately, then that means we will inappropriately engage our responses. Consider an anorexic person looking in a mirror. While we may see that person as dangerously thin, the anorexic perceives himself or herself as very large and fat. That misperception signals their biology to get rid of more fat and that misreading of environmental cues can lead to their death. The significance is very clear: when our perceptions are inaccurate, our behaviors are no longer synchronized to support our survival.
Perception also controls the read-out of the genes. It is how we see life that determines which genes will be activated to provide for our survival. Again, emphasizing the role of misperception, if we inappropriately activate genes because we sent the wrong signal at an inappropriate time, then we can subvert the function of the biology and actually cause disease and dysfunction. We are not so much the victims of genes as we are the creator of our lives, selecting genes to control our systems, based upon our perception of reality.
It is true that we have a period of development from conception to the fetal stage wherein the body plan is being laid down and the structure is being coordinated by the genes. Information feedback between the embryo, its environment and the genes controls this developmental period. This is a period where genes are the primary source of control. From the fetal stage on, our perceptions of the environment determine what is going to happen to the rest of our development.

Genetic Engineering
Today we’re dabbling with genetic engineering. In so doing we’ve created a great number and variety of genetically engineered crops. What we are not considering is the consequence of putting those crops into the real world. We are now finding the engineered genes we put into certain genetically modified organisms moving through the ecosystem and being picked up and used by other organisms. For example, in efforts to make plants resistant to a poison that is used to kill surrounding weeds, scientists engineered crop plants with poison-resistant genes. It was later found that these plants passed the engineered genes on to all the other plants around them resulting in the creation of “super weeds” that no longer can be killed by the usual agricultural poisons.

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
The point is that all organisms are part of a community and share their genes. It has also been recognized that when we eat genetically modified foods, the bacteria in our gut can pick up and incorporate the food’s genetically engineered genes. Our tampering with Nature is even changing the genetic organization of the bacteria within our own digestive system! We will probably only find out the costs of genetic engineering when the fruits of our labor come back to bite us.

Dealing With Stress
Survival is very much tied in with growth mechanisms that replace the number of cells we lose every day as a result of normal attrition. But another part of our survival behavior engages a completely different set of mechanisms: those we use for our protection. Protection shuts down growth processes and allocates energy to behaviors needed to sustain us in a threatening situation. We engage in either growth or protection mechanisms every moment of our lives, funding these activities with our life energy. It takes energy to grow and it takes energy to protect ourselves. When we engage in protection mechanisms, we close ourselves down and conserve energy by shutting off growth.
Nature designed us to use protection in acute responses like running away from a saber tooth tiger. But if we maintain protection for too long, we compromise our survival. What really becomes important is this: how much of our lives are in growth and how much in protection? The more we live in fear, the more we allocate our energy into protection. The more afraid we become, the more we shut down growth—to the extent that we can be scared to death. In the world that we live in today, the protection response has become a greater and greater percentage of our everyday life experience; most of us are living in very high levels of stress and are continuously debilitating our system by interfering with growth. Cells cannot move in both directions at the same time. They are either in growth, open to the environment and assimilating what’s going on, or in protection, shutting themselves down waiting for the environment to clear itself before again expressing their normal functions. We are a community of cells that responds to perceptions generated by our central nervous system.
Today we have fears from which we seemingly can’t escape. Who is Al-Qaeda and where are they? Where is the bird flu? We are presented with fears that threaten our survival, perceptions that cause us to question whether we can stay alive. Those perceptions cause us to get into a protection posture and shut down life-conserving growth. This is important because it affects almost everybody on the planet today.

The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology
We have two different protection mechanisms. The immune system deals with internal threats like viruses, bacteria, parasites, or cancer cells. The adrenal system secretes stress hormones that protect us against exterior threats like a poisonous snake or an attacker. Stress hormones cause the blood vessels of the gut to constrict and they also cause the immune system to shut off. The reason for that is very obvious: if you are being chased by a lion, you don’t put energy into fighting off a bacterial infection; you put it all into running. The medical professional has known for years that stress hormones shut off the immune system. They provide recipients of grafted tissues or organs with stress hormones, so that their immune systems do not reject the grafted foreign tissue. But what does this mean in the operation of our day-to-day lives? Every day, as we experience stress we’re debilitating our immune system.
As we repress the immune system, common everyday things can start to take over and create disease. Most people are very familiar with this because as we find more stress in our lives we get weaker and sicknesses becomes the way of life. Kids at school, for example, are more likely to get sick around exam time. The concept that we have to catch something is silly because it turns out that most of us have almost all of the pathogens that affect humans in our bodies already. The stress that inhibits the immune system also shuts down growth processes that replace cells lost to normal attrition. With enough stress, there will be a point where the numbers of cells lost and not replaced will compromise our functions and we will start to express a disease.
There is another factor of stress that I refer to as “adding-insult-to-injury.” Stress hormones cause the blood vessels in the forebrain to constrict, forcing the blood to the hindbrain to nourish the high-speed reflex center used in stressful conditions. Basically, constricting the blood vessels in the forebrain shuts down consciousness and intelligence. So an interesting and unwanted aspect of the stress response is that we become less intelligent when we are under stress. Therefore, a group of people or a nation that is bathed in fear is less intelligent than a nation that is living in growth and harmony; those living in fear will make “hindbrain” reflex decisions that may be inappropriate. This may account for some of the conditions of the world we live in right now because the fear levels are so great. It becomes incumbent upon us to recognize that our biology doesn’t know the difference between a real fear and a made-up fear. The simple reality is that our perceptions and beliefs, whether right or wrong, are still going to control our biology.
Our biology did not intend for us to engage stress mechanisms as a twenty-four hour, 365 days a year event. It was designed as a response to an acute event; the rest of the time we should be maintaining growth. Yet the world that we have chosen (the media, the government, et cetera) really encourages us to live in ongoing fear and it causes great debilitation of our physiological maintenance and the neurological and immunological characters that we express. It is important for us to understand that if we change our perceptions, we can change our biology and our world. We must stop living in fear because it is killing us as individuals and threatening our existence as a species.
CREDIT © 2007 by Bruce H. Lipton, a cellular biologist whose breakthrough research on the cell membrane made him a pioneer in the new biology. He is the author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. This article is Part Two of a three-part presentation derived from The Wisdom of Your Cells, How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology, © 2006 by Sounds True as an Audio Listening Course on eight CDs, www.soundstrue.com. Watch for Part Three of Dr. Lipton’s presentation in the Autumn 2007 issue of Light of Consciousness.

A Romp through the Quantum Field
with Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton
By Meryl Ann Butler
Published in Awareness Magazine
We live our lives based in what we believe about our world, ourselves, our capabilities, and our limits. What if those beliefs are wrong? What would it mean to discover that everything from the DNA of life, to the future of our world, is based upon a simple "Reality Code" that may be changed and upgraded by choice? In a rare, extended weekend, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Todd Ovokaitys invite us on a journey to do just that! Visit www.greggbraden.com or contact (800) 637-5222 for more information.
(Part 1 of this article, featuring an interview with Gregg Braden, appeared in the September/October issue of Awareness Magazine. It can be found online at www.awarenessmag.com Part 2 continues our interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton.)
MAB: Bruce, the merging of your and Gregg Braden's work is so exciting! Thank you for your willingness to share some of your thoughts with us.
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton: Thanks, I'm happy to participate!
MAB: The premise of your book "The Biology of Belief" is that humans are not, as was previously believed, victims of our genes, but that the environment has a direct effect on our DNA. Would you elaborate?
BL: Sure. Until recently, it was thought that genes were self-actualizing, meaning genes could turn themselves on and off. As a result, most people today believe they are genetic automatons, and that their genes control their lives.
But my research introduces a radical new understanding of cell science. The new biology reveals that we ‘control' our genome rather than being controlled by it. It is now recognized that the environment, and more specifically, our perception or interpretation of the environment directly controls the activity of our genes. This explains why people can have spontaneous remissions or recover from injuries deemed to be permanent disabilities.
MAB: Then it really is about "mind over matter"?
BL: Yes, this new perspective of human biology does not view the body as just a mechanical device, but rather incorporates the role of a mind and spirit. This breakthrough is fundamental in all healing because it recognizes that when we change our perception or beliefs we send totally different messages to our cells, causing a reprogramming of their _expression.

A Romp through the Quantum Field
This new science is called epigenetics. It's been around for about 16 years, but it's just now being introduced to the general public. For example, The American Cancer Society is an organization that has been looking for cancer genes for the last 50 years or so. But they've found that only about 5 percent of cancer has genetic linkage, leaving 95% that is not genetically linked. Recently the American Cancer Society released a statistic that said 60 percent of cancer is avoidable by changing lifestyle and diet. So now they are telling us, "It's the way you live, it's not your genes."
MAB: So the long sought-after "Fountain of Youth" could be right inside ourselves?
BL: Within every one of our bodies at this very moment, there are billions of stem cells, embryonic cells designed to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs.
However, the activity and fate of these regenerative cells are epigenetically controlled. That means they are profoundly influenced by our thoughts and perceptions about the environment. Hence our beliefs about aging can either interfere with or enhance stem cell function, causing our physiological regeneration or decline.
MAB: What part does evolution play in this?
BL: Well, as it turns out, Darwin was wrong. Current science overrides Darwin's theories emphasizing competition and struggle, but this information can take years to get into the textbooks. Cooperation and community are actually the underlying principles of evolution, as well as the underlying principles of cell biology. The human body represents the cooperative effort of a community of fifty-trillion single cells. A community, by definition, is an organization of individuals committed to supporting a shared vision.
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck had it right fifty years before Darwin. In 1809, Lamarck wrote the problems that will beset humanity will come from separating ourselves from nature, and that will lead to the dissolution of society. His understanding of evolution was that an organism and its environment create a cooperative interaction. If you want to understand the fate of an organism, you have to understand its relationship to the environment. He recognized that separating ourselves from our environment cuts us off from our source. He was right.
And when you understand the nature of epigenetics, you see his theory is now substantiated. With no mechanism to make sense of his theory before, and especially since we bought the concept of neo-Darwinian biologists who said the human body was subject to genetic control, Lamarck looked stupid. But guess what? New leading-edge science reveals he was right, after all.
MAB: So, how does this play out on the cellular level?

A Romp through the Quantum Field
BL: Information from the environment is transferred to the cell via the cell membrane. We used to think that the cell nucleus was the brain of the cell. But in 1985 I discovered that the membrane is actually the brain of the cell. The nucleus, as it turns out, is actually the reproductive center.
The cell membrane (mem-brain!) monitors the condition of the environment and then sends signals to the genes to engage cellular mechanisms, which in turn, provide for its survival. In the human body, the brain sends messages to the cell's membrane to control its behavior and genetic activity. This is how the mind, via the brain, controls our biology.
For example, an important discipline in the health sciences is referred to as psychoneuroimmunology. Literally this term means: the mind (psycho-) controls the brain (neuro-) which in turn, controls the immune system (immunology). This is how the placebo effect works!
When the mind perceives that the environment is safe and supportive, the cells focus on growth. Cells need growth in order to maintain the body's healthy functioning.
However, when confronted by stress, cells adopt a defensive protection posture. When that happens, the body's energy resources, normally used to sustain growth, are diverted to systems that provide protection. The result is that growth processes are restricted or suspended in a stressed system.
While our systems can accommodate periods of acute (brief) stress, prolonged or chronic stress is debilitating because the body's energy demands interfere with the maintenance it requires, and this is what leads to dysfunction and disease.
For example, the fear that has been propagated in the United States since 9-11 has had a profoundly destructive effect upon the health of our citizens. Every time the government advertises concerns of more terror attacks, the fear alone causes stress hormones to shut down our biology and engage in a protection response.
Since the World Trade Center attack, the health of the country has plummeted and the pharmaceutical companies' profits have skyrocketed (with a 100% increase in less than five years!)
Our color-coded terror alert system has also been responsible for another serious consequence. In a state of fear, stress hormones change the flow of blood in the brain. Under normal, healthy situations, blood flow in the brain is preferentially focused in the forebrain, the site of conscious control. However, in stress, the forebrain blood vessels constrict, forcing the blood to the hindbrain, the center of subconscious reflex control. Simply, in fear mode we become more reactive and less intelligent.
MAB: In your workshop, you talked about how we receive stress information. Would you elaborate on that?
BL: Sure. The principle source of stress signals is the system's central voice, the mind. The mind is like the driver of a vehicle.

A Romp through the Quantum Field
If we employ good driving skills in managing our behaviors and dealing with our emotions, then we should anticipate a long, happy and productive life. In contrast, ineffective behaviors and dysfunctional emotional management, like a bad driver, stress the cellular vehicle, interfering with its performance and provoking a breakdown.
Stress information can come to the cell from the two separate minds that create the body's controlling central voice.
The (self-) conscious mind is the thinking you; it is the creative mind that expresses free will. It's the equivalent of a 40-bit processor in that it can handle the input from about 40 nerves per second.
In contrast, the subconscious mind is a super computer loaded with a database of pre-programmed behaviors. It is a powerful 40-million-bit processor, interpreting and responding to over 40 million nerve impulses every second. Some programs are derived from genetics: these are our instincts. However, the vast majority of the subconscious programs are acquired through our developmental learning experiences.
The subconscious mind is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness, it is strictly a stimulus-response "play-back" device. When an environmental signal is perceived, the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously-stored behavioral response - no thinking required!
The insidious part of the autopilot mechanism is that subconscious behaviors are programmed to engage without the control of, or the observation by, the conscious self. Neuroscientists have revealed that 95%-99% of our behavior is under the control of the subconscious mind. Consequently, we rarely observe these behaviors or much less know that they are even engaged.
While your conscious mind perceives that you are a good driver, it is the unconscious mind that has its hands on the wheel most of the time. And the unconscious mind may be driving you down the road to ruin.
We have been led to believe that by using willpower, we can override the negative programs of our subconscious mind. Unfortunately, to do that, one must keep a constant vigil on one's own behavior.
There is no observing entity in the subconscious mind reviewing the behavioral tapes. The subconscious is strictly a record-playback machine. Consequently, there is no discernment as to whether a subconscious behavioral program is good or bad, it is just a tape. The moment you lapse in consciousness, the subconscious mind will automatically engage and play its previously-recorded, experience-based programs.
MAB: How did we get our subconscious programming in the first place?
BL: The prenatal and neonatal brain operates predominantly in delta and theta EEG frequencies through the first six years of our lives. This low level of brain activity is referred to as the hypnagogic state.

A Romp through the Quantum Field
While in this hypnotic trance, a child does not have to be actively coached into specific behaviors. She obtains her behavioral programming simply by observing parents, siblings, peers and teachers.
In addition, a child's subconscious mind also downloads beliefs relating to self. When a parent or teacher tells a young child he is sickly, stupid, bad or undeserving, this too is downloaded as a fact into the youngster's subconscious mind. These acquired beliefs constitute the central voice that controls the fate of the body's cellular community.
MAB: That's pretty sobering! It seems to me that our subconscious mind is like a chunk of green kryptonite from Superman's home planet, the one thing that could strip him of his superpowers. The kryptonite is analogous to the rocky foundations of childhood. As you indicated earlier, the subconscious isn't evil by nature - and neither is the kryptonite. Yet it's through these avenues that the programming of our childhood come back to plague us as adults, and - from what you are saying - rob us of our own superpowers! Many people feel so stuck, ineffective and victimized, in spite of the fact that their conscious intentions are focused upon success. So we come to the ultimate question, how can the subconscious mind be reprogrammed?
BL: To change a behavioral tape, you have to push the record button and then re-record the program incorporating the desired changes. There are several ways to do this with the subconscious mind.
First, we can become more self-conscious, and rely less on automated subconscious programs. By being fully conscious, we become the masters of our fates rather than the victims of our programs. This path is similar to Buddhist mindfulness.
Secondly, clinical hypnotherapy directly addresses the issue at the hypnagogic state.
In addition, we can use a variety of new energy psychology modalities that enable a rapid and profound reprogramming of limiting subconscious beliefs. These are forms of Superlearning that open and integrate both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, allowing us to re-write our subconscious programs. Using these processes that are mechanistically similar to pushing the record program on the subconscious mind's tape player, we are able to release the limiting perceptions, beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.
Energy psychology modalities include Psych-K, Holographic Repatterning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and BodyTalk.

A Romp through the Quantum Field
MAB: As a labyrinth builder, I find many people report physical sensations of profound well-being and peace as a result of walking a labyrinth, as well as sense of timelessness, such as in an altered or hypnagogic state. Many spontaneous healings seem to be a direct result of labyrinth walking, and I myself have experienced healings and a sense of extraordinary wellness. Do you see this modality as a way to reprogram the subconscious as well?
BL: I believe any process that expands self-consciousness and allows us to observe and interact with our subconscious minds will open the gateway for change. With conscious awareness, we can actively transform our lives so they are filled with love, health and prosperity. The use of these new "rewrite" modalities provides a way to communicate with the cells of your body and is the link to transformative biology as well as psychology.
MAB: This was wonderful, thanks, Bruce, for sharing your insights!
BL: Thank you, I enjoyed it!
Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton are blazing the trails of awareness of our interconnection with the Quantum Field, guiding us toward new and exciting understandings. Even this dynamic duo's presentation style is significant - these guys live the co-operation they preach! Braden and Lipton offer their material in an integrated dance of perfectly-timed synergy, as their two distinctive arms of science converge, fittingly, at the heart.
Gregg Braden is a former Senior Aerospace Systems Designer turned New York Times best-selling author. His books include "Walking Between the Worlds", "Awakening to Zero Point", "The Isaiah Effect", "The God Code", "Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer", and "The Divine Matrix". He offers seminars and guides inter-national tours in search of the sacred. (www.greggbraden.com)
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton is author of the Los Angeles Times best-selling book, "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles". A cellular biologist, he is a former Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine and former research scientist at Stanford University's School of Medicine. He offers workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. (www.bruce-lipton.com, www.beliefbook.com
Meryl Ann Butler is a Renaissance woman: artist, author, educator, labyrinth builder and joyful exploress of cutting-edge quantum developments. "90 Minute Quilts" is her handbook for personal and planetary healing through creativity, fun and fabric. She says, "They don't call quilts ‘comforters' for nothing!" Trained in New York by one of Norman Rockwell's students, she tutors adults and children in the greater Los Angeles area in traditional drawing and painting, as well as in quilting and fiber arts. (www.creativespirit.net/MabArt

Discussion about A Romp through the Quantum Field
1.  L. De Leon : Went to a conference with Dr. Lipton, Edgar Mitchell and Adam. Attending has become a great life altering experience, putting the knowledge to use has helped with my health and my positive view of life has increased geometrically. Thank You for your work. Leonel

2.  puck merkies : Great stuff!Now…1000’s of years ago Chi Gong claimed the same thing (without being able to prove it scientifically): the chi (= life force, energy, (DNA, stemcells?))can be drawn from the environment (air & soil both), and be put to use into the human body, to keep things flowing. Balance creates health.Too much chi needs to be released back into the invironment as well.
It’s all about balance, and the belief that we all stem from the same source, and therefore are all ONE. A beautiful spiritualty, based upon what you believe to be true. All this relates to our quantum physics today! Fascinating!!If I could live my life over again I would be a phycisist, working in the health-field!Puck.

3.  Allana Ormesher : This is an amazing article. I have in the past few years been through the loss of an older sister, both parents, the murder of a 5 month old grandchild (perpetrator not prosecuted), the suicide of the mother of that grandchild (1 year ago as of Dec. 3), now raising the 11 year old son of that daughter, a recent (4 year) marriage to an Aussie (from Adelaide) 20 years of raising a family of 6 as a single parent (divorced), just to give you an idea of the “possible” issues I have been facing. I have been acquainted with EFT for almost 3 years…I have benefited greatly and encouraged many others to at least taste EFT. However, I have had a bout of shingles almost 3 years ago, and diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I have been on a strong nutrition program, internal cleansing with herbs, and still suffer from a lot of body pain, debilitatingly. My friend/EFT practitioner, Julie, has discussed with me recently “quantum issues”. Cellular messages and today as I have been perusing Gary Craig’s site, I saw this site, clicked on and it just makes sense. I have had no progress with the pain, despite intensive and regular emotional work. I am beginning to see the picture and am going to explore this avenue. I know the mind and emotions are powerful hinderers and helpers, so I know I have some work to do. I want to feel better. Perhaps I will let you know what I am able to do to help myself, and hopefully to help others. Thank you again for this new avenue of help…we find things when we can use them and need them!!! Most sincerely, Allana Ormesher

4.  Dr. Werner Ch Nawrocki : Congratulations to this article and to your book! Since more than 25 years I try to convince my collegues that mind is over the matter- and that brings a lot of changes in medicine- but trained in global scaling(Dr.Hartmut Müller) I now can see that we with modern physics can prove what the old teaching in metaphysiscs(Hermetic Philosophy) always taught.
Thank you for your courage to write this book and to teach in this field!

5.  Liz Gorton : Thank You so much for the incredible
work you are doing. Sometime ago(15yrs)I had cancer and was given a short
time to live. A memory came back to me and after 3 days of a very high
fever the cancer was gone. I became a energy worker and have seen how
very much the mind plays in healing.Now science has finally validated
so many different reasons why healing takes place. Thank you for your
courage and light on such a needed area of knowledge !!

6.  bluechi : To Allana Ormesher:Hi I read your post. On body ailments, I wonder if the Five Tibetan Rites would help. It has helped many. What it does is cause the body to rejuvenate by speeding up and synching its energy centers as when young. It is described in a book “Ancient Wisdom of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder. There is a description here: http://www.lifeevents.org/5-tibetans-energy-rejuvenation-exercises.htm

7. There are other sites if you search for “five tibetan rites” in google. All the best to you and yours. :)

8.   Paul Johansen : How often those of us with a spiritual slant on life see science bringing up the rear. This so called “new science” is considered revolutionary but has been common knowledge to the more enlightened beings amoung us for eons! The big picture is still being ignored however and credit is being taken for discoveries that have always been there. Such things are merely being “uncovered” rather than discovered. This will become more obvious when the scientifically minded begin to realise that time in fact never began. That everything that “is” always has been. It was never invented, but is in fact recycled. As that great Zen Buddhist mind once said, “Everything that can happen, has already happened and is going to happen, all at the same time.” When you people can get your heads around that one, you will know you are actually getting somewhere!There is no intention here for me to sound arrogant. But impatient yes!

9.  Ronald Laflamme : Hi, You are a fantastic bunch of people, you are Prophets in these troubled times we live in, your work is a wake up call to humanity. You should be on Television at least once a week. I would suggest Art Bell on Coast to coast at least 6 times a year. That would help many. All my respects to you and all. All in friendship, RonaldApr 23, 11:43 PM

The New Mind-Body Science Goes International
Bruce H Lipton's The Biology of Belief has recently acquired wings!  Three international versions are now carrying the book's life-affirming message to audiences around the world. The German translation, Intelligente Zellen: Wie Erfahrungen unsere Gene steuern (Koha), the French adaptation, Biologie des Croyances: Comment affranchir la puissance de la conscience, de la matière (Ariane Éditions, inc), and the Italian version, laBiologia delle Credenze: Come il pensiero influenza il DNA e ogni cellula (Macro Edizioni) have just been released.
In each country, the publishers are encouraging the sale of the book through the release of articles and interviews in local media.  While most of the information offered is concerned with the scientific principles of the 'new' biology, some articles focused upon the mind-body or spiritual aspects of the evolving science. As an example of the latter, a brief excerpt from an interview with a spirituality-based German publication is provided below.
Do you think that enlightenment is something that can be intentionally "exercised" and can it have an influence our genes?
In the early 1600's, Rene Descartes established the concept of a mind-body. Newtonian physics subsequently emphasized that the Universe was "machine" made out of matter.  Newtonian philosophy separated the action of the mind from the function of the body by acknowledging that an etheric, non-material force such as the "mind" could not influence the physical body, a "machine" made out of matter. Biomedical research scientists invoking the principles of Newtonian physics were subsequently forced to dismiss the influence of mind on health and life.
Nearly a hundred years ago, the Newtonian perspective on the nature of the Universe was dramatically revised with the adoption of quantum mechanics.  Quantum physics revealed that the atom was not made out of matter, but in fact was comprised of immaterial energy vortices.  It was also established that "field," the invisible matrix in which all matter is suspended, was a hotbed of interacting invisible forces much of which consists of electromagnetic vibrations. Since matter and the field are both comprised of immaterial forces, quantum mechanics recognizes that matter is inextricably entangled with the surrounding field.

The New Mind-Body Science Goes International
Not only does matter interact with the invisible field, it turns out the field is the most important factor controlling the expression of matter. Albert Einstein described the field's powerful influence on matter when he wrote, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." Since Einstein uses the term particle to represent "matter," he is acknowledging that the field controls our physical reality. In fact, quantum physics has always recognized the powerful influence of mind over matter for one of its fundamental premises is "the observer creates the reality."  This conclusion is derived from the results of experiments designed to assess the fundamental composition of atoms. Such experiments revealed that atoms were either made out of particles (matter) or waves (energy), these divergent results were directly influenced by the observations and beliefs of the researcher. A recent article in the prestigious journal Nature by Richard Conn Henry, a professor of physicist at Johns Hopkins University, concluded, " The Universe is immaterial, it's mental and spiritual. Live and Enjoy!"
As demonstrated by electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography, the operation of the brain generates energy "fields," the parameters of which can influence cell behavior and gene expression. Additionally, the mind's field is responsible for the release and dissemination of neuropeptides and other neurotransmitters that control cell and gene activity. The influence of the mind's field is most evident in the placebo effect, wherein healing is produced by the mind's belief that a drug or medical procedure will be effective, even though the drug may only be sugar or chalk or the procedure has no medical value at all.
It should be noted that over 30% of all medical healings, including those attributable to surgery, are the result of the placebo effect and the role of the mind. Though the placebo effect reveals we have an innate ability to heal ourselves, it has been essentially ignored by allopathic medicine. Recent brain scan studies have revealed that the placebo effect is not just in our "minds," for it has been revealed that it can profoundly impact the operation of physical neurons. Rather than ignoring the placebo effect as it has done, it would be highly relevant for medicine to study this effect so that we could leverage it in promoting optimum health.
While most people are familiar with the positive attributes of the placebo effect, far less are aware that there is an equally powerful, but opposite influence known as the nocebo effect.  When a person is given a negative belief, such as they have a terminal or intractable disease, then even a very powerful drug or proven medical intervention may not have any positive impact upon their health.  Perhaps an example of the most powerful nocebo effect is when someone is literally "scared to death."
The new physics and new medicine clearly establish the important role of the mind in controlling our biology, psychology and genetic activity.  With that knowledge, it becomes apparent that expanding our consciousness and awareness is an exercise that will have profound influence over both our inner and outer realities. Exercising "enlightenment" is an act of self-empowerment that has been shown to directly impact our biology and our genes; to the extent that over one third of illness can be resolved by the power of the mind alone.

The New Mind-Body Science Goes International
Can our thinking can influence our genes?
Psychologists are very familiar with dissociation disorder, which is commonly known as multiple personality disorder.  As these patients switch from one personality to another, each switch is accompanied with profound physiologic changes.  An individual my have a life-threatening allergy in one personality and be completely free of it within a minute of switching to an alternate personality.  A change in eye color or the appearance and disappearance of scars can occur as individuals switch between personalities.
However, there are much more common and rapid effects of how thinking can influence our genes.  For example, within seconds of expressing a profound joy or fear, the brain's neurons release signals that profoundly change the genetic readout of tissues and organs that mobilize the body's growth and protection responses.
Interestingly, when identical twins are first born, the genes activated in both of their genomes are almost all the same.  However, on a daily basis, their personal experiences and perceptions of life lead to profoundly different genes being activated in each of the siblings.  The environment, and specifically, our perception of the environment, dynamically adjust the activity our genes...for the better or for the worse!
How long do you think will it take until your new research will influence traditional science?
My research was "new" back in the 70's.  I have been providing public lectures on the insights of how environment controls genes, the 'new' science of epigenetics, since 1985, years before the Human Genome Project was introduced.  I was only one of many pioneers that were investigating alternative insights into how cells were controlled. Fortunately, most all of the "far-out" insights I was lecturing upon have now become today's mainstream leading-edge research.
Consequently, many science-literate individuals remark, "So what's new about what you have to say Lipton?" Essentially, it is the same information that I provided audiences twenty years ago, when I was indeed one of the first scientists to take these radical ideas and bring them to the public.  Interestingly, even today there are still very few lecturers offering non-medical audiences the hard science of how their thoughts, beliefs and emotions control cell biology and gene activity.
I am truly glad the new science is echoing my research, for these insights will lead us away from considering ourselves to be "victims" of our genes and reveal that we are extremely powerful in selecting and rewriting our genomes.  To heal ourselves and the world we live in, we need to move into understanding that we are personally responsible for our internal and external life experiences. With that information we will be better able to create Heaven here on Earth.

The New Mind-Body Science Goes International
How has the 'new' science impacted your own life?
Before I ventured off the academic "deep end" in the late 1970's, my life was a series of some ups and lots of downs, and it resembled what some might call an inhospitable purgatory. However, since I started to apply the new science I learned from my cultured stem cells to my life, I can joyously acknowledge that if there is a Heaven, it is truly here on Earth, right now.
Today, I sleep like a baby and wake up with the exuberance of a school child on summer vacation! I have not had medication or a need to have allopathic healthcare since the last time I saw a conventional doctor, which was in 1992.  The people in my life today are beautiful, free-spirited individuals and all of them are young of heart, no matter how many years old they are.  I am in love and have been on a honeymoon with my partner Margaret for over ten years. And most importantly, in spite of all the weirdness in the world, especially in the United States, I find that the successes and harmony I experience in my life are fully supported and encouraged by invisible forces of the spiritual world.
My life is too good to return back to the convention world I left behind!

Discussion about The New Mind-Body Science Goes International
1.  ming chien : Dear BruceThere is so much literature about this subject – what I appreciate about your article is it conveys the nub of the issue with clarity and simplicity. This makes it an ideal intro to the subject; especially for teenagers and those with little knowledge of mind-body interaction. Thank you for providing this. warm rgdsMing Chien
2.  Carroll : Your work is a breath of fresh air: it complements that of Dr. Dossey and of Candace Pert, and it is a lovely read.Bravo.
3.  Cody : Dear Bruce,The quantum or particle wave form: The energy in it’s perfect pristine state taking form through the influence of thought and/or consciousness ie the field. I am a recent graduate in the field of Biology and can relate your concepts to the mechanical vortices that with which are composed of the particle. Mind not over matter but mind working within matter and spirit alike. Like Carrol and Ming, I am grateful for this knowledge for it has answered many underlying questions and can help humanity bring the best and highest potential from within itself.~Cody
4.  R.E.BLYLER 2ND : MR.LIPTON,Your pages that I’ve read, make a remarkable neo-think sense.From what I see into my self,I see potential of great ideas and success. I’ve done this most of my life,but failed.I know why.About the time I pursue a solution to a problem.I get negative feedback from others I’m around.It’s the environment!I have to continue on focusing ahead.I don’t like to make mistakes.Knowledge is what matters,I’m not gonna quit learning on my failures,I’m going to forge ahead.Attitudes progress with accomplishments with gratitude and self control and spirits in Evolution with others that are intergrated together. R.E.B.2
5.  levina : Dear Bruce,Thank you so much for all the work you have done so far and sticking out your neck in science-”wonder”-land. I have listened to your cd-series The Wisdom of your Cells, and I’m so excited! Finally I found answers to questions that have lived with me ever since I was a child (I have just turned 50 last week..)I’m so happy that the quantum-knowledge finally is accessable for us non-science people. The movie What the bleep do we (k)now was a good start for me, and you know so well how to explain this on the physical level. I live in Holland, and only little bits and pieces are being translated into Dutch. Fortunately I can read and speak English, and a lot is available in your language. I have ordered all of your published material, audio and book, so please continue to share your knowledge and wisdom. It’s what you said in the cd-series: if this science reaches the public, tremendous changes will take place. This is not something I hope for, but of which I’m absolutely certain. Blessings, light and love!Levina

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