"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860), German philosopher

Chemicals to avoid

A number of home cleaning products are likely to contain toxic ingredients: bleach, brass or other metal polishes, drain cleaner, carpet cleaner, room deodorizer, dishwashing detergent, fabric softener, laundry detergent,...

The two-year loss-to-symptom syndrome

The two-year loss-to-symptom syndromeHow does all this information relate to chronic illness?  A combination of all these processes   - 20-second dips, unconscious decisions, the RAS (Reticular Activating System) – creates...

The Wisdom of Your Cells

Bruce Lipton Ph.D.Uncovering the Biology of BeliefThe Wisdom of Your CellsThe Wisdom of Your Cells is a new biology that will profoundly change civilization and the world we live in....

Dr Mecola

  Can Your Cell Phone Cause Cancer? An article by Dr Mecola. If you think the jury's still out on whether cell phones can be dangerous to your health, then...

Plasma cascade systems

The complement system , when activated, results in the increased removal of pathogens The kinin system generates proteins capable of sustaining vasodilation and other physical inflammatory effects. The coagulation...

Process of acute inflammation

Micrograph showing acute inflammation of the prostate gland with the characteristic neutrophilic infiltrate . The process of acute inflammation is initiated by cells already present in all tissues. At the...

Low Carb High Fat Diet

Do you want to eat real food (as much as you like) and improve your health and weight? It may sound too good to be true, but LCHF (Low Carb, High...

Thyroid-Disrupting Triclosan Jumps Into the Frying Pan

The FDA is sounding alarm bells and the national media has jumped on the bandwagon. Triclosan is no longer flying under the radar like hundreds of others of its toxic...

Powerful and Simple Tips to Help Lower Your E-smog Risks

News image

Electrical Pollution Interferes with Your Body's Cells EMF (E-smog) is as harmful an invader to your body, as any other environmental toxin. It interferes with your health at the cellular...

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

News image

How to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup Now that high fructose corn syrup is being added to an increasing variety of foods (breads, cereals, soft drinks, and condiments); some people...

Glutamine maintains gut barrier integrity following E. Coli exposure

Glutamine continues to shine as a stellar nutrient for GI tract health, both in terms of assisting GI tract immunity and helping the health of the GI tract lining.  The...


Handy vinegar tips for wellness - To remove calcium buildup on kettles and electric jugs, boil the kettle with half a cup of white vinegar and leave to soak for...


Certain drugs or exogenic chemical compounds are known to affect inflammation. Vitamin A deficiency causes an increase in inflammatory responses, and anti-inflammatory drugs work specifically by inhibiting normal inflammatory components....


The goal in treating hypertension is to reduce the risk of serious complications, including heart disease and stroke, by getting blood pressure under control. Ideally that means reducing blood pressure...

Leukocyte defects

Due to the central role of leukocytes in the development and propagation of inflammation, defects in leukocyte function often result in a decreased capacity for inflammatory defense with subsequent vulnerability...


Various remedies

Which form of healing do you use most often?

Natural Healers' Association

Energy Medicine falls under the Natural Healers Association.

Established in February 1999, the Natural Healers Association, was founded by Dr H. Zungu, Katharine Lee Kruger and Chris Rall in Johannesburg . This national organization was registered as a Non Profit Organization on 22 May 2003 by the Department of Social Development. 

NHA aims to widen the window of opportunity to influence the development of healing legislation in South Africa to recognize the spiritual elements of International Traditional, Indigenous, Spiritual, Energy and Natural Healing Methods. By obtaining Government Recognition members will be able to provide a more cost effective and efficient healthcare service for all South Africans and others.

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Radionics is dedicated to the holistic approach of treating the energetic mind and body, and balancing physical, emotional and mental levels.

What is Radionics?

Radionics is a method of analysis and treatment at a distance, implementing specially designed instruments.

Practitioners can determine the underlying causes of dysfunction within a living system, be it human, animal, plant, or even the soil itself.

Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to any of the mentioned living systems, no matter where they are in the world. The name reflects the view of early practitioners that they were “broadcasting” healing; today we believe that radionic treatment occurs at a level of reality where there is no distance between us.

Some fundamental principles of radionic theory and practice are

  • the concept that humans and all life forms share a common ground in that they are immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth
  • that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field, which if sufficiently distorted, by for example stress or pollution, will ultimately result in dysfunction of the organism.

The aim of radionics is to identify the weaknesses in this field and to correct them, thereby alleviating or preventing physical or emotional disease.

Radionics may be identified as a healing art where physics and para-physics, science and religion, all meet and merge.

How does Radionics Treatment work?

Radionics is a technique of healing using extrasensory perception (e.s.p.) and an instrument. The ETAScan is such a technologically advanced instrument.

Radionics treatment is not directed at the physical body so much as at the subtle energy fields – those fields which remain undetected by normal senses but which support life and are essential for its functioning.

The healing effect of radionics is set in motion with intent, without intent there is no link between instrument and recipient. This is based on one of the fundamental “laws” of radionics: For a successful treatment, direction and purpose are needed, where “direction” is the treatment in combination with the witness (something unique to the patient such a photograph or hair sample) and the purpose, which is the intent of the radionics practitioner to correct, balance or heal the recipient.

This can happen because part of the mind of each of us is linked via a universal mind. The universal mind seems to function outside the familiar space-time framework of our day-to-day lives and that is why is does not matter where the patient and practitioner are geographically located. They can be together or any distance apart.

By “tuning in” both his mind and the radionics instrument, e.g. the ETAScan, to the distant recipient, the practitioner is able to determine what the underlying causes of disease are through observing the reactions of the detection apparatus under his control.

Once the radionic diagnosis is complete and the practitioner has a complete health profile of the patient, as well as psychological state and imbalances in the energy fields which underlie the body, treatment can properly be determined. All pathological states and their causes have their own frequency of energy patterns; these can be treated at a distance through the radionic instrument.

Experience has shown that radionic treatment helps in a wide range of conditions. It does not replace nor interfere with conventional medical care, but supplements it.

The great advantages of radionics are

  • that it is often possible to detect potentially serious conditions at an early stage
  • primary causes of any illness or problem can be determined
  • the health and well-being of all living species can be assessed
  • optimal remedy or treatment can be selected
  • vibratory equivalent of any remedy or substance can be created
  • the needs of soil, plants, pets etc. can be assessed
  • harmful energies or radiations within our surroundings are detected
  • psychological assessments can be conducted

The purpose of Radionic Therapy is to help individuals to re-establish optimum health patterns and since it takes place at a non-physical level it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side-effects.

Radionics is an environment friendly therapy and may ultimately teach us the most about the vibrational nature of healing and aid us in releasing our own inner capacities for self-healing.

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